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Many people, once they try cooking with ceramic cookware, realize it has many other benefits over other types of cookware and bakeware.  The main difference between ceramic cookware and other cookware is that while ceramic cookware can take a little longer to heat up for even cooking, it retains its heat longer and more efficiently. That can mean savings in both time and energy.


to prepare the food in electric owen

High quality materials are offering comfortable and safe way of using ceramic bakers. Several different shapes and form are offering a perfect choose for every opportunity or needs.


way of preparing food

Ceramic is completely non-reactive, and contains no chemical additives. There’s nothing to leach into your food, so your cookware is safe.

easy to use

and easy to clean 

Ceramic is smooth and requires only a little oil or butter to keep food from sticking to it.

ceramic bakeware selection

useful and safe

specially designed

must have bakeware for enthusiasts

Slovenian tradition

authentic experience

Slovenian recepies

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300 g (10 2/3 oz) flour  

200 ml (4/5 cup) oil 


150 ml (3/5 cup) water

60 g (2 oz) poppy seeds

250 g (8 4/5 oz) sugar


500 g (17 3/5 oz) cottage cheese

1 egg

500 ml (2 cup) sour cream

80 g (2 3/5 oz) raisins

100 g (3 1/2 oz) ground walnuts

500 g (17 3/5 oz) apples

grated lemon peel


Stir together flour, salt, lukewarm water and two tablespoons of oil to make dough, then let it rest for an hour. Meanwhile prepare poppy, cheese, walnut and apple fillings.

To make poppy seed filling, ground poppy seeds, add 50 g (1 4/5 oz) sugar and cinnamon to taste. For cottage cheese filling mix cottage cheese, egg, sour cream, raisins and 10 g (2 tsp) sugar. For apple filling stir together ground walnuts and cinnamon. To make apple filling, first wash and peel the apples, then grate them. Add 10 g (2 tsp) sugar, cinnamon to taste and grated lemon peel. 

After the dough has rested, roll it thin, let it dry somewhat, and cut it into sheets the size of the baking tin. Grease the tin generously, place in the first layer of dough, and sprinkle it with oil. Spread over poppy seed filling, and cover with another sheet. Pour over cottage cheese filling, cover with dough, sprinkle with oil and the mixture of walnuts and cinnamon.

Again, cover with a sheet of dough, grease it and spread over grated apples. Repeat all these steps and cover the gibanica with dough. Pour over sour cream and bake at 180°C (350°F) for just over an hour.




500 g white flour

30 g yeast

120 g butter

80 g sugar

3 yolks

2,5 dl milk


lemon or orange peel

vanilla essence



Put flour in abowl, sifted if you like, add salt. In a cup dissolve the yeast in water or milk and in another cup mix the eggs, sugar, rum, vanilla essence, lemon or orange peel. Healt milk, melt fat.  Add hot milk to the flour, stir and add the mixture of eggs, sugar, rum and aromas. Stir again, add dissolved yeast and fat and stir into a medium thick dough. Knead until it is elastic inside and smooth on the outside. Make sure the dough does not stick to the bowl and that it is not too hard. Cover the dough with a PVC sheet and leave to rise. Dough should always rise at room temperature. With rising the quantity of the dough should double. Knead it once and roll it out and spread it with the filling. 

Ingredients for the filling:

500 g ground walnuts

100 g sugar

100g honey

1 dl milk

2 eggs

vanilla essence

ground cinnamon

ground cloves

lemon peel


Melt honey in tepid milk, and then add one half of walnuts, sugar, eggs, aromas, spices and rum. Spread the filling on the rolled-out dough and sprinkle with the other half of walnuts. The temperature of the filling should be equal to that of the dough. Roll tightly, put in a mould, prick and leave to rise. Before baking, coat with a thin layer of milk and egg mixture – make sure the holes are not stopped.

Bake 50 minutes at 190°C.