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There is little doubt that Keramika Liboje products can be still found today in every home. Major manufactory of the past might be forgotten today but this sleeping giant has full right to lead the future of Slovenian ceramic industry.  

Local origin

At the heart of ceramics production in Liboje region near Celje lays rich natural clay resources and craftsmanship and tradition of applied arts preserved in the hands of local potters. Ceramics manufactories in Žalec near Kasaze village date back to 1815. First there were produced white-ringed utensils and brown kitchen utensils with rustic motifs.

Schütz brothers

In the second half of the 19th century new owners focused on artistically more demanding majolica and decorative techniques. In close connection with Austrian Museum for Art and Industry (today MAK) and its Art and Crafts school artists factory was the first to start using new Art Nouveau floral ornaments for production of fashionable table vessels and other ambitiously designed wares, renowned in the Austro-Hungarian Empire as status objects.

Twentieth century

In 1919 the factory with over 80 employees was bought by the Abel family, who later escaped the country after the Second World War. Production was nationalized and its name changed to KILI (Keramična Industrija Liboje). KILI took over hundreds of Schütz mother forms and molds, but times have changed. After Slovenia’s secession from Yugoslavia in 1991 the company was privatized again and faced bankruptcy about a decade later.

Bojnec family

Once great production barely survived the break of the century when Bojnec Family stepped in. Alojz Bojnec Sr made his name starting first from pottery workshop in Filovci village in late 1940s. With growing demand and recognition of products quality business was expanded in the face of Alojz Bojnec Jr by establishing new manufacturing facility. It did not take long until their products were exported to foreign markets as well..

New prospects

In front of decreasing export as other European producers of ceramics moved their facilities to Asia, ambition to revitalize Keramika Liboje has become a real challenge. Today, when company is led together with the 3rd generation, it not only maintains Slovenian ceramic production at home, preserving traditions and thousands of forms and molds, but also drives ahead international presence with innovative flameproof stoneware and refractory.

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