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Karamika Liboje from Celje region is the core of Slovenian production of ceramic tableware and ornamental ceramics. Supported by two hundred years of tradition, we keep this important role locally and internationally.

We are thankful for your loyalty and your confidence in our products. On this occasion, we present our new collection of baking trays that is available in our online store. Modern design will diversify atmosphere in your kitchen. Prepare your food in a healthy way and enjoy in its authentic taste. More about the advantages of cooking in ceramic baking trays can be read here.


Reasons for using ceramics when preparing and serving food are numerous. It is a natural material burned at 1100 °C and it is completely harmless. What's more, the clay itself has healing effects. Food is cooked slower in ceramic containers because material protects it from quick and too intensive temperature changes. This way the food preserves more of its natural characteristics and keeps a richer taste. Also, due to high thermal accumulation in the material, food served in ceramics remains warm longer. Thanks to the high-quality raw materials and production technologies ceramic trays are resistant to rapid temperature changes and everyday wear, and are therefore very simple to handle and maintain. Ceramic containers retain humidity of their content and do not let the light through; therefore they are excellent also for storing food (i.e. garlic, onions, potatoes, flour) and liquids. Last but not least, ceramic products have a high aesthetic value and are pleasant to the touch. .


lovely ceramics for daily use

Serve the food in your own stile. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
Chose your favourite design.  


for the most tasty food

Trays for lasagna, baked beans and similar dishes are adapted to the quantity of food in a modern family. For baking desserts and cakes you can get special baking trays in the shape of potica, a traditional Slovene cake. 


Food under a baking lid

There are no vegetarians who will not capitulate when he taste a meal stored under the "peka". Traditionally "peka" was made under the clay pots on a fireplace. Under the "peka", with potatoes or vegetables, you can put all kinds of meat, squid or octopus.